Redwood City School Board 2020

Alisa MacAvoy

Dear Friends,

For the past twelve years, I have had the honor of serving on the Redwood City School District Board. During this time, we have dramatically increased academic achievement, have won federal, state, and local awards for our outstanding programs, increased access to technology, and are leading a transformation to 21st century schools. Our community partnerships bring exceptional programs during the school year and the summer for all our children and families.

The Redwood City School District is more transparent and accountable to the community than ever – an effort led by the Board. If re-elected, I will continue to listen to your ideas and respond. I will ensure that we use tax-payer money wisely to provide a high quality education for all students.

It is an exciting time in education with new state standards, a new funding model, and more local control and accountability. We need board trustees with experience, creativity, and compassion to guide us through these changing times. I have the skills and experience needed to ensure we prepare our students for the future. We have much to be proud of. To continue this work, I respectfully request your vote.

Please join me and my campaign; together we will make our schools the best in the State.


Alisa or 650 888-5933

Why am I running?
I believe in public schools. They are the cornerstone of our democracy and important for the wealth and health of our country.
Every child deserves a high quality education. I have made many connections with businesses, parent groups, locally elected officials and State legislators. I will continue to advocate for education and our children.